Enter the Kingfisher

So here is the latest drawing, I decided to try something different as I tend to draw furry animals. This is my first bird drawing, the elusive Kingfisher. I still hope to see one. I enjoyed drawing this character, now on to the next…

Jaguar drawing

Finally back to the drawing board and the first one of 2021 has been finished, introducing the jaguar drawing. These big cats from South America will happily take down a crocodile, massive respect.

New Eco Tote bags!

Hare today

I’ve been meaning to add a hare drawing to the collection for some time and (drumroll please….) here it is. Available as a print from my Etsy shop.

The Festive Season Approaches

I’m pleased to announce a new selection of Christmas cards featuring my drawings, which can be purchased as individual cards or packs from Etsy.com. Why not take a look and see if any take your fancy, they can be personalised too!

Orangutan Drawing