About Me

I am a UK based professional pencil artist aged 44 and have been drawing since I can remember. I have always been passionate about pencil drawing and particularly enjoy the challenge of capturing the subject’s character in my own style. Animals have amazing expressions and my challenge is to try and tap into their soul and lay it out on paper. As many artists will tell you, it’s all in the eyes.

A drawing can take anything from 20 hours upwards, I prefer to concentrate on quality rather than quantity. My preferred medium has always been graphite pencil, there is currently a healthy demand for pencil work.

I have been lucky enough to sell original drawings and prints worldwide through online auctions, my website and at exhibitions in my local area. I have also been commissioned to draw people’s pets and relatives. People often ask for drawings of pets that have sadly passed away – it’s wonderful to be able to re-create them in pencil form to cherish forever. I hope you like the drawings, there will be more additions so please feel free to bookmark the site and visit again.